TIPS: How to maximise your listing

mother and baby
  • Describe your item well - set realistic expectations regarding quality / communication
  • Deliver and pick up the item whenever possible
  • Explain how you've used the item and give a few tips on how to get the most out of using it
  • Provide a clean item - consider getting it professionally cleaned and feature that on your listing
  • Respond to requests as soon as possible! Communicate with the borrower as much as needed in a friendly and approachable manner
  • Get added to wishlists by asking your previous borrowers to share your item on social media
  • Share your listing on you social networks (Facebook is usually the best)
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baby asleep in capsule
  • Help to fit your capsule, car seat or booster seat to their car
  • Become a certified fitter and display that on your listing!
  • Set competitive rates! Use the guidance table in the "list my item" section and choose a rate appropriate for the age and quality of your stroller, pram etc.
  • Collect as many great reviews as possible! Share these reviews on your social network with a link to your listing
  • Make sure that you are verified and that all requested information is supplied - this creates trust and trusted members get more bookings
  • Make sure to only use Tree Hut Village to process payments - this ensures that you're covered by our insurance policy
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