How to get more out of your listing

Be Descriptive

Describe your item well - set realistic expectations regarding quality / communication. Use photos of you using the item – listings with your own photos showing the item being used on a holiday or at home get much higher bookings!

Be Supportive

Explain how you've used the item and give a few tips on how to get the most out of using it.

Make sure your item is in good condition

Provide a clean item. Generally, lenders make sure that the item is washed and cleaned and ready to go for borrowers to use. It also helps to take a photo of the item before you lend it out so that you know exactly which condition it was in before it was rented.

Be Responsive

Respond to requests as soon as possible – even you decline (or especially then so that borrowers can source an alternative). If it’s practical for you, you could also turn on “auto approval” which means that your booking will be confirmed straight away without you having to do anything. Be proactive in contacting the borrower. They might be waiting for you to make contact first. You’ll find contact details on the bottom of the booking page.


Get added to withlists by asking your previous borrowers to share your item on social media.

Set your rates strategically

Set competitive rates to start with. Our algorithm has been designed to come up with the most competitive rates to start with. If you want to change these price brackets after you have a few bookings under your belt, just go into your account > listings > select the listing > edit > pricing and then you can set “custom rates” for each rental period. One of our most successful lenders has quite low rates which gives her many repeat bookings. Check out other listings for the same item and see what might work for you

Make it convenient

Deliver and pick up the item whenever possible – you can also request a fee for that service. In your description, describe your radius and how much you generally charge for it. Remember that quoting for delivery always includes pick up and drop off.

Help Customers

Help to fit your capsure, car seat or booster seat to their car.

Get Social!

If you really want to increase your bookings, get an Instagram page or a Facebook page and share your listings there. Tag us on Intagram with @treehutvillage and on acebook with @treehutvillageaustralia. We will share your listings and posts on our channels also! You can also share your listings to your personal Facebook page by clicking the button above the listings description.

Collect 5 Stars

Collect as many great reviews as possible! Share these reviews on your social network with a link to your listing.

Verification and Trust

Make sure that you are verified and that all requested information is supplied - this creates trust and trusted members get more bookings. Also fill in your personal profile, add a picture of yourself and tell borrowers a little bit about yourself.


Make sure to only use Tree Hut Village to process payments in case there is any disputes.

A Certified Fitter

Become a certified fitter and display that on your listing!

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