Become a lender

Earn Money as a Tree Hut Village Lender

Afford the little "extras" in life when you lend your items or save up an extra income.

Earn as much as $130 for a weekend loan!

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Help Other Mates

When rent from others on the website it goes to another family so that little bit might help someone in need that will appreciate that small income! If you traveling, you will also connect with local, and nothing better to get a tips from local.

Free Up Space

Get your equipment out of storage and put it to work! It could earn you a “equipment” or pay for itself within a few hires!

Reward Yourself with a Little Extra

Money you earn from hiring out your items can help to reward you and your family and help with that extra income that can make all the difference in your budget

Earn up to $130 per weekend, depending on what you list.


  1. Sign Up to be a Tree Hut Village Lender

    Create a profile for yourself so people can get to know you before they hire from you

What to include in a listing?

List your item by describing its condition, brand and age and whether you would deliver it (recommended). Upload a few photos and you're done.

Who can book?

You can review each booking request and approve or decline it. You decide on rental periods and people you would like to lend to.

Any questions? Message us!

We developed a schedule of rates - just set a base rate and we calculate the rest for you. If you have any questions please contact us.

  1. Travelling mates Search Tree Hut Village and Find Your Listing

    You will get a booking request, which you can review and then accept or decline.

Get in touch

Once you have approved the booking, you will see the borrowers email and contact details. Get in touch to arrange delivery time and location.

Prepare for your hire

All Tree Hut Village mates make sure that the item is clean and in a good condition. Some also prepare a little instruction leaflet to explain how to use the item.

Plan to meet and handover

You will get a reminder email 24 hours before the start of the booking. Please confirm your arrangements and meet at the agreed place to hand over your item.

  1. Commence the Hire Period

    Show them how to use the item and agree on the time and place of the pick up.

Ideally, deliver the item to the borrower

Meet at the previously agreed location and show them how to use the item. Briefly discuss when to hand it back and which condition you would like the item to be in.

How do borrowers pay?

Tree Hut Village handles all payments. The Borrower makes the payment at the time of booking using a credit card on Tree Hut Village.

How will you get paid?

You need to give us your bank account details! The Hire Fee will be transferred to you once the borrower has approved that the item is in the "as described" condition. You should have the money in your bank account within 4-5 days depending on your bank.

What are our fees?

Listing your item is completely FREE. We will deduct 15% of your hire fee for administration services.

What should I charge?

For guidance depending on the age of your item and quality - have a look on other posted items to compare, to get more booking try to be on the lower end of the scale.

We Have You Covered

We want you to have peace of mind when lending or borrowing the items using Tree Hut Village.

Listing is free

We will never charge you to list your items - and your listings don't expire (but you can hide them if you don’t want to hire them out for a while)! Just make your ad shine and let the bookings keep coming in! Want to know what you can do to maximise your bookings? Click here.

Secure Payments

We use Stripe to process all of our payments. All payments are certified to PCI level 1 - the most stringent level of certification so your payments are safe.

Trust and Safety

All members are verified using bank details, email verification, social media verification and, upon reaching a certain threshold, official photo ID. Star ratings show you where others had great experiences.

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