About Tree Hut Village

Luciere and Marcia
Marcia and Luciere

Tree Hut village is an Australian mate-to-mate community that provides a secure and reliable way to rent/lend/buy and sell equipment. We connect people who want to get more out of their equipment or are looking to hire or buy.

Relaunching with new owners, Luciere and Marcia, whose dream is to see a change in product consumption and the way we view it, creating culture that protects our environment by producing less waste. At the same time, providing people the ability to save money and space by hiring instead of buying, in addition allow an extra income by lending their equipment.

We believe that giving people the opportunity to become “mini” entrepreneurs using their equipment is a great opportunity to supplement the family income.

Tree hut Village connects mate-to-mate across Australia to facilitate buying and hiring safe, high-quality equipment, more accessible for everyone. This also enables people to try out premium equipment rather than purchasing cheap alternatives for short term use – which helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Tree Hut Village, an award-winning platform, initially was created for parents to hire and buy baby equipment. However, we saw the need for anyone who have an equipment at home, or in need of one, to be able to easy search, lend and hire it from anywhere, anytime, with no business hours restriction.

People can now travel with less luggage, solve their storage space issues, and have an opportunity to have an extra income while collaborating with a wasteless environment.

The vision

Our main goal is to make a difference in the how people see and use products through a community-based approach with a major emphasis on waste reduction and environmental consciousness. It takes a village to raise a better world.

Our mission

Our purpose is to achieve this vision by creating a platform which enables people to support one another, inspire each other, allow greater financial independence and less household clutter for users and sets a culture of mutual help and care for our environment.

Our values

To promote environmental sustainability through reducing the amount of waste generated.

To create a supportive, diverse and inspiring community of users that can create new economic opportunities for everyone, creating a culture of belonging and mutual benefit; we are on the same team and together we can make a difference.

Evolving you

The scope is expanding from renting equipment, trying before you buy to selling 2nd hand and Tree Hut Village is keeping sustainable practices as its core value. We stand for conscious consumption and want everyone to be part of the shift from buying low quality and disposable items to long-lasting, high value items which can benefit many people over their lifetime. We want people to experience the joy of togetherness and felling of belonging. We prioritise that over the accumulation of things. We work closely with communities, brands and non-profit organisations to encourage Australia to lead the change for the benefit of the next generation, our country and the future of consumerism.

Let’s do this together!
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