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Universal fit travel cover for bassinet, airplane bassinets and cots. 100% breathable and air permeable - CoziGo is made from woven fabric, which means it is air permeable and provides a well-ventilated environment for your baby. It will allow your baby to breathe comfortably and also means your baby will be less likely to overheat Improves baby naptime by up to 400% - CoziGo will block movement and distractions so your baby will fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer, giving you time to rest on your flight Stress-free outings & flying - because your baby will be sleeping better it will help prevent those dreaded in-flight meltdowns and help stop your baby from being over-tired. Your fellow passengers will love you for it Universal fit - CoziGo's multi-purpose design allows it to fit airline bassinets, cots, prams and all strollers. So you can use it on the airplane as well as on a stroller or pram when you are out and about on your holiday or at home Easy to use - pop, clip & connect to airplane bassinets effortlessly. It packs up in seconds into a small bag quickly, so you can fit it in your carry on luggage Protects baby from germs - because of the closed environment, germs can easily circulate on airplanes through the airconditioning systems. This can result in spreading dangerous viruses. CoziGo can provide a healthier environment by limiting your baby's exposure from these unwanted germs Lightweight & compact - (600g/1.3lbs) easy to include in your hand luggage

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Cozigo - pram and bassinet cover
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