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Malvern, VIC
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Have you heard about the latest in breast pump technology? It's the Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump! Boasting every innovation possible to make life easier for you, including powerful 320mmHg suction, double pumping, massage mode to encourage speedy letdown, ability to adjust both suction strength and cycle speed, night light and timer and much more. This pump is absolutely quiet and is the most portable and stylish hospital grade pump around. It is a closed system so its hygienic for you and baby. The Spectra S2 has a night light & timer. Plus more, everything you need for double pumping, powerful adjustable suction, letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body and slow flow teat suitable for newborn feeding. I used this item daily for 3 months and it's in like new condition. There is a video of how to work the pump via the Spectra website.

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Spectra S2
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