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The Babyzen YoYo+ is the newest model of this much-loved travel stroller. It comes with a rain cover and a travel bag to take on the plane. It folds super small, goes up to 18kg and can be taken on board of any plane (has to be in the bag) It is perfect for any urban setting but might struggle a bit on uneven surfaces like gravel. It also comes with a rain cover so you're not caught out by a sudden downpour. It is the best looking travel stroller and will make you feel like a bunch of insta famous, jetsetting parents when you stroll through the airport (either with your toddler happily taken it all in from the seat or taking a nap while you have a coffee by the beach). Your booking will be approved instantly! Have a look at the many lovely reviews I've received from other parents - hiring a Babyzen YoYo+ stroller is the best decision for your holiday and saves you around $500 at a minimum! If you need anything else for your trip let me know. I'm also happy to drop it off to you (please request delivery and there will be a little fee for that). sometimes I change out the frame or seat colour if it is a last minute booking or a quick change over. I love to give you the stroller in its best condition!

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Babyzen YoYo+ Travel Stroller
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