Babyzen Yoyo+ rain cover  – from $10.00

Thornbury, VIC
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I think you'll love this stroller! Almost everyone who has hired this one wanted to buy it afterwards! I've loved using this stroller because it navigates like a big one, unfolds so easily and stores away even in our tiny car behind the driver's seat (if need be). The sun canopy is pretty good but you want to make sure they still wear a hat - it doesn't always cover all of their face or neck. The basket is big enough for a beach bag which is great - even a small run of shopping is totally fine. It goes up to 18kg and has a really small fold. It comes with a dust bag and a rain cover. You'll have to put it into the dust bag when you go on the plane with it but please don't check it in (baggage handling throws it around a bit).

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Babyzen Yoyo+ rain cover
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