Hire baby equipment from other parents for your next holiday

Experience More - Waste Less

Going on a family trip with small children?

Hire what you need from local families and don't take it all with you

Mum with baby capsule

For Borrowers

  •   Travel light
  •   Easy to find items in your area
  •   Easy to book
  •   Trusted reviews
  •   High quality items
  •   Save money renting from other parents
  •   Try big brands before you buy
  •   Get tips from locals
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Do you have baby equipment you don't use?

Help other families, reduce the amount of stuff that goes to landfills and make up to $2,500 by renting them out

Mum with baby capsule

For Owners

  •   Help reduce waste
  •   Earn extra money
  •   Connect with other parents
  •   Online payment
  •   Trusted reviews
  •   Covered by insurance
  •   Covered up to $600
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