Hire equipment from other people

Do you want to travel with less or try new hobby ?

People often spend thousands of $ on gear that is only used for a short amount of time. Why spend over $600 when you can rent it for $80?

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For Borrowers

  •   Reduce waste
  •   Travel light
  •   Easy to find items wherever you are
  •   Easy to book
  •   Trusted reviews
  •   High quality items
  •   Save money renting from other mates
  •   Try before you buying or try something new
  •   Get tips from locals.
  •   No need of storage
Yes, I'd like to save $

Do you want to make back the money you spent on your equipment’s, items and stuff you have around?

Here is your chance, you can make up to $2,500 per year by hiring the things you have to peers.

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For Owners

  •   Help reduce waste
  •   Earn extra money
  •   Connect with other peers
  •   Online payment
  •   Trusted reviews
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