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About Tree Hut Village

Eva an her son
Eva and her inspiration

Tree Hut Village is an Australian parent-to-parent community that provides a secure and reliable way to rent / lend / buy and sell baby equipment. We connect parents who want to get more out of their prams, capsules, cots and cars seats with those who are looking to borrow or buy.

Founded by parents Eva and Tom in Thornbury, Victoria, the idea came when they were looking for baby equipment for their visiting niece - they thought that hiring should be easier and more affordable.

Down to one income, they believe that giving mums the opportunity to become "mini" entrepreneurs using their used baby equipment was a great opportunity to supplement the family income to save towards the next family trip.

Tree Hut Village connects parents across Australia and New Zealand to facilitate buying and hiring safe, high-quality baby equipment more accessible for everyone. This also enables families to try out premium equipment rather than purchasing cheap alternatives for short term use - which helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

Cots on a deck in a tropical location

Tree Hut Village an award winning platform for parents to hire and buy baby equipment from other parents all over Australia and New Zealand. Whether you travel with your baby to one of our beautiful cities like Melbourne or Sydney or your destination is more coastal like Maroochydore or Noosa, you will find a stroller or a travel cot perfect for your needs.

Imagine travelling with no oversized baggage items and when you arrive at your destination a local parent can give you tips on where to go with your family to get the most out of your holiday. No hour-long googling session to find that kid-friendly café or restaurant that serves great babycinos as well as awesome food. No anxious rushing because of opening hours which restrict the pickup or return of the stroller you hired for your baby.

Brands our parents have listed for hire include strollers and prams from Bugaboo, Babyzen YoYo, Mountain Buggy Nano, Stokke. Travel cots from Baby Bjoern, flight aids from PlanePal, Jetkids Bedbox, CoziGo and capsules and car seats from Maxi-Cosi, Safe n' Sound, Chicco and many others.

Tree Hut Village created a win-win situation for families all over Australia by enabling them to rent and buy baby equipment from each other. Our main motivation is to enable families to experience more and waste less.


We are on a mission to make travelling the enjoying experience that it essentially is. Having to be anywhere on time is stressful but if you also get penalised for being late it’s even worse - that’s why so many of our parents enjoy picking up and dropping off their travel strollers, car seats or carriers outside of office hours in the evening when the kids are in bed - and usually parents are also quite flexible if you do need another day because your flight came in late!

Go Premium and Waste Less

I know there’s so many different options for strollers and there’s lots of different budgets. That’s why I like Tree Hut Village also because even if you don’t want to buy that $700 stroller, you might want it for a week to treat yourself for your annual holiday? The different experience is amazing - for you, for your baby and for the environment. I had a real eye opening moment recently when I thought about that every. single. toothbrush I’ve ever used still existis and will for so many more hundred years. Imagine how long this $20 stroller will last for.. so let’s come together more and waste less.


I have done over 55 transactions with Tree Hut Village and I enjoyed every single one so much. It’s what inspires me every single time to keep doing what I love! Making somebody’s life just a little easier is the best feeling and I love a good chat also. I’ve received many smiles, photos and on one beautiful occassion even chocolates as a thank you!

Make some money

And why not? It’s great to have a bit extra. I love having my extra Tree Hut Village rental money come to my “pocket money” account that I don’t feel guilty about spending as I please (on me or my son). I also really enjoy that when I do rent from others on the website it goes to another family and I know money is never as tight as when you have small kids so that little bit might help to pay for a family trip! More Experiences for everyone!

Try a new brand

Have you ever wondered what a Bugaboo is like to cruise your littlies around in? Well, wonder no longer and book it for a weekend from another parent close to your home or near your destination. I’ve bought so many things I’ve only used once or twice and I wish I had tried them before (carriers, prams.. the list goes on). Money and time wasted! We have all the major brands listed on our website - check it out. If you want to buy a baby item why not test drive it for a day or two?

Evolving with you

The scope is expanding from renting equipment, trying before you buy to selling 2nd hand and Tree Hut Village is keeping sustainable practices as its core value. We stand for conscious consumption and want families to be part of the shift from buying low quality and disposable items to long-lasting, high value items which can benefit many families over their lifetime. We want families to experience the joy of togetherness and felling of belonging. We prioritise that over the accumulation of things.

We work closely with communities, brands and non-profit organisations to encourage Australia to lead the change for the benefit of our children, our country and the future of consumerism. Let’s do this together!